What makes us special

What makes Meadowbank Day Nursery so special?

Our mission is to be the friendliest local day nursery where everyone feels welcome and included. We aim to provide families with high quality flexible care and education whilst embracing the Birth to Three Matter Framework and the Foundation Phase.

We believe that a homely atmosphere is paramount and aim to provide a safe and caring environment where all children can feel happy and relaxed and develop to their full potential.

The first few years of a child’s life are important informative years and at Meadowbank Day Nursery we focus on the needs of the whole child.


Positive, caring relationships based on trust and respect, are at the heart of our philosophy.

We have a clear vision of what we want to achieve at Meadowbank Day Nursery:

  • to provide a safe, happy, caring and stimulating environment for your child
  • to enable all children to develop their capabilities as successful learners, confident individuals, responsible citizens and effective contributors to society.

Meadowbank Day Nursery: A place to learn, develop and grow: “happy healthy children”


We have a clear understanding of our values at Meadowbank Day Nursery: 

  • Happiness and wellbeing
  • Engagement – being involved, responsive, interested and interesting
  • Respect – promoting a culture of tolerance, inclusion, diversity, equality, fairness and opportunity
  • Communication – being genuine, open, honest and sincere
  • Achievement – highest quality, high expectations
  • Partnership and care – being reflective and learning from parents as partners, developing strong nurturing relationships
  • Commitment to excellence

Highly qualified, experienced & friendly staff

The quality and commitment of our staff will set us apart from many other nurseries. We will take the utmost care to recruit and retain only the best and most dedicated Early Years practitioners – we are well aware that a nursery is only as good as its staff team.

We aim to invest a lot of time in our staff team and continually provide opportunities to further their knowledge and development as individuals. This could be through long term qualification routes, short courses or in-house training.

In addition, all our staff will have Paediatric First Aid qualifications and our Baby Room staff will also be trained in ‘SAFE SLEEPING FOR BABIES’.

Key Worker

We believe positive relationships with children and their families is the foundation to building happy, confident children and members of society.

We use a key person system in our setting. A key person has special responsibilities to work with their group of children, offering reassurance and a feeling of being safe and cared for. The key person is encouraged to build strong bonds with the child’s parents/guardians. We also emphasise the importance of positive relationships amongst the children, encouraging and nurturing friendships

We offer a free two hour settling in order to make the transition from home to nursery a smooth one.

We recognise communication is key to developing a positive parent partnership. This is established through verbal and day to day contact and with written records informing you of your child’s progress. We also issue a regular newsletter to all parents and hold twice yearly parent consultations.

As a memento of your child’s time with us, we create an ongoing memory book, this captures all special moments during their time in nursery and we also encourage parents to contribute as often as they can. We observe children using 2simple software and can share this directly via email to the parents

A Unique Child

We recognise that all children bring positive attributes to our settings which contribute to the diverse needs of our society. All children in our care are special to us. We pride ourselves in the fact that our nursery operates an inclusive practice, catering for every need no matter how big or small, this also includes the needs of the parents.

The Nursery Environment

Our aim is to provide a warm and accepting atmosphere to ensure children feel confident in their surroundings. Individual room environments are created to support the age and stage of development of each child and enable active learning, play and exploration. We will constantly reflect on our environment and make changes if necessary to support the growing and varied needs of the children in our care.

Learning and Development

We follow the National Birth-to-Three Framework and the Early Years Foundation Phase Curriculum. Learning through play is a central principle. This means allowing children the freedom to explore the world around them. As practitioners, we make careful observations so that each child can be guided towards the next step in their learning. Each child has an individual Learning Journey filled with photos and examples of their learning that stays with them throughout their time at nursery.  Parents are invited and encouraged to contribute to their child’s learning journeys by providing information on experiences and activities their child has been involved with away from the setting

We will be introducing paperless Learning Journeys for the children using 2simple software. Our staff will record observations and photographs of the children and link this directly to the Birth to Three Matters Framework and the Foundation Phase and then build a profile of experiences and achievements for your child. The parents can register with the system via email and then receive their children’s updates once a month. This enables instant parent partnership as you can reply with any significant life and learning events that have taken place at home. The information is stored in a secure website and the nursery manager will access to send information on to you.

Spacious outdoor play area

All our babies and children will share ground level access to an unusually large, well-equipped outdoor play area. We are also planning to develop a small hush garden specifically for our babies.

Our outside area is very spacious and important to us. We aim to utilise it as much as possible. Outdoor Play is a fundamental part of early childhood development. Our outdoor area and garden are designed in such a way that children’s play can come to full expression in a safe environment. We believe it is an area where children’s play and learning can take off and flourish. It is an environment where children can make a mess, run, jump and hide, and a place where they are allowed to shout and can explore the natural world. It enables them to learn through first hand experiences and to process their feelings, thoughts and ideas.