Healthy Eating

We take food and mealtimes at Meadowbank Day Nursery very seriously. It is critical that children have a well balanced diet full of whole and nutritious foods so that they have energy for the day and so that their bodies have everything they need to grow. We put considerable effort into researching recipes, testing dishes and have created a fantastic menu which is on a four weekly rotation and seasonal. However, if parents have dietary preferences these can be catered for. The children are provided with a very tasty, healthy and balanced breakfast, dinner and tea every day. They are made on the premises from fresh produce, by our own experienced cook. Age appropriate snacks are provided between meals at mid morning and mid afternoon.

All our meals are freshly prepared on the premises.  We offer a wide selection of meals to stimulate little taste buds.

Below is a sample of a typical day at Meadowbank Day Nursery

Winter Menu October-March                                                                          

8.30am   Breakfast- Weetabix with blueberries

9.30am   Snack- Wholemeal toast

11.30am-12.30pm Lunch- Chicken tenders, potatoes, peas and sweetcorn V.                                                               Cranberry and apricot rock cakes.

3.00pm/3.30pm  Snack- Mackerel Pate with toasted soldiers